chocolate for the parents 012

i am my own gallery, i am my own bank, i am my own market.
i am truth to be sold, value to be lifted, art to proliferate by will.
i am destroyer and benefactor, the friendly lord of transformation.

egology - I´ve had it! /

wider der skrofulose selbsternannter heilkönige / send in the shiny heros, i´ll rip their heads off /

dreadnaughts of hagiografic branding / techno-narcissism /

pyrolysing the unholy armada of options, which is guarding

the hell´s gate of socio-economical hit strategies / egosurfing / i´d love to be an egoistic self-contraction of an individual / in seiner Negation jedweden bestimmten Inhalts* /

I is an idealised fictional dystopia, a sketch of things to come,

a singular plural, an universal singularity, a response,

which could be unexpected / das bin ich eigentlich gar nicht /

autobiographie, emulgierender narzissmuss / a sensibility / una pelle / colors are forms /

just only color does not exist / ceci n´est pas un cul de couleur / this is actually not what I am / pistis /

häute / heute & morgen /

ein tanz auf der unanständig breiten Randung / a borderline study zwischen system und leben / skins /

naive, transdisciplinarian natives of the world, unite, dispatch, unite, dispatch, change / translucent moving ectoplasm driving exchange and transformation / players /

where do we go from here? /

street car gorilla [excalibur city, no man´s land, czech border]

in superego of überich we trust / we is an economical icommunity /

livello di combattimento: cento millioni punti / 200 million opinions per second /

a secret open source bellum omnium contra omnes /

"we" is becoming a super-enemy-lover-sayan of informal forms connecting ideas, not people /

a collaboration connectivity depending on excessive individuality / arrogance is an overestimated detached search detachment / the monkeybusiness` jungle single minded law enforcement cave mentality platitudes mining les habitudes / signatures / signe / seing / a totem pole of credos / a magic circle / a circumference / a fence / dueling options / accrual / cual / without shelling / build a position / all your base belongs to us /

follow me /

like a waging a self-referential war by precising the depth of field blur by citation only / end of line


* Slavoj Žižek (2001) Die Tücke des Subjekts. Suhrkamp, S. 127